Magic Cooling Shirt (Vortex tube cooling vest)

  Magic Cooling Shirt Advantages and Characteristics:

I. Simplicity of operation and Rapid refrigeration.
It is like a normal shirt also can be dressed inside of uniform. The user will feel cool immediately after connecting the air Inlet of the Magic Cooling Shirt with high speed airflow from equipment. Refrigeration temperature is in 6-28 degrees Celsius.
II. Harmless to human body, the cooling shirt making human body in the most comfortable humidity environment. The humidity will be controlled between 40% and 50%.
III. Using the canvas material guarantee the safety in production.
Using canvas material, the texture is thick, wear-resisting, and not easy combustion. Even spark of flame falling onto the cooling Shirt, the surface remains in good condition.
IV. Light weight, easy to carry. The vest only weighs 900g, it is 1/3 weight of Standard Shirt for Cooling Inserts. Worker can walk optionally in the working area.
V. Environmental Protection
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  Cold Air Gun

  Cold Air Gun Cold Air Guns use compressed air to produce sub-zero air for numerous industrial spot cooling applications.
Cold Air Guns use filtered compressed air and magic tube (vortex tube) technology to produce sub-zero air for numerous industrial spot cooling applications. The Cold Air Gun is designed to improve machining operations and improve the life of tool bits. With no moving parts to wear out, the internal magic tube converts factory compressed air into a cold air stream, producing temperature down to as cold as -34 C.
The cold air gun is made of stainless steel to meet the rigors of everyday use.
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  Electrical Enclosure Cooler (Vortex Cooler)

  Cabinet Cooler (Vortex Cooler) Cabinet coolers include a magic tube (vortex tube) to produce cold air from compressed air. With no moving parts, using only compressed air, supplying of chilled air. The magic tube is at the core of the cabinet cooler (the magic tube spins the supplied compressed air and separates it into hot and cold air stream). The cold air flows into the cabinet through the buck head fitting and it is then ducted to a known problem component or the center of the cabinet. The hot air created by the opposite end of the magic tube flows into the atmosphere via a silencer.
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  magic tube (Vortex tube, vortex cooler)

  Magic Tube (Vortex Tube) Magic Tube only uses compressed air to produce clean, cold air for industrial spot cooling.
Magic tube is a tool that works on a standard compressed air supply and converts into two low pressure air stream. One stream is hot air and the other stream is cold air. This device has no moving parts, which almost there is no need to maintenance. The cold air can be adjusted down to -46 C and hot side can be adjusted up to a temperature of 120 C. Magic Tubes have a control valve at the "hot" end that controls the volume of the air flow and the temperature exiting at the cold end. By adjusting the valve, you can control the "cold fraction" which is the percentage of the total input compressed air that exits the cold end of the magic tube.
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  Jets Vac (Air-operated vacuum)

  Air Operated Conveyor (Jets Vac) Utilizing compressed air for a powerful and efficient vacuum action along it's length in a compact design for high capacity conveying over large distances.
Air Operated Conveyors are ideal for moving large volumes of material over long distances. A small amount of compressed air is injected through directed nozzles to produce a vacuum on one end and high output flows on the other, with instantaneous response. The material flow rate is easily controlled with a pressure regulator. No moving parts or electricity assures maintenance-free operation. The air operated conveyor is available in aluminum. Simply clamp a standard hose size to each end of the conveyor to create this high energy conveying system.
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  Air Blade

  Air Blade Air blades deliver flat sheet of amplified air and provide a compact and efficient means to dry, clean and cool a broad range of industrial applications.
Air blades operate by surrounding air entrainment along with the compressed air utilizing the "coanda effect" essentially converting energy which would normally be lost as noise and pressure drop into useful flow. When compressed air enters the air blade, it fills a plenum which has only one exit path- a linear 0.002 inch gap running the length of the curtain. As the air is forced out of the orifice, it accelerates and collides with surrounding air entraining a great volume of free, ambient air. The result is an air blade that delivers a large volume of output air in return for a small amount of compressed air.
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  Magic Air Pump, Air-Operated Two-Way Drum Pump

  Magic Air Pump Electrically operated "all purpose" vacuums aren't designed for use in industrial environments. As a result, motors wear out quickly and impellers clog. The Magic Air Pump (Drum Pump) does not use electricity and has no moving parts, assuring maintenance free operation. An automatic safety shutoff valve prevents spills or overfilling.

A safe, maintenance free way to recover:
Coolant ,Hydraulic oils ,Liquid spills,Sludge ,Chips,Tramp oils, and Waste water
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  Air Amplifier

  Air Amplifier It dries product, conveys materials, cools air, exhausts the fumes and cleans with no moving parts.
It is a simple and low cost way to move air, smoke, fume, and material. Air Amplifiers utilize the coanda effect, a basic principle of fluidics to create air motion in their surroundings. These devices use a small amount of compressed air as their power source. Air Amplifiers pull in large volumes of surrounding air to produce high volume, high velocity outlet flows. Air amplifiers will create output flows up to 25 times their consumption rate.
An air amplifier is quiet, safe, and maintenance free due to having no moving parts. Also an air amplifier gives you high performance without the noise associated with fans and blowers.
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  Air Clean (Wire , Cable, and Pipe Drip-Dryer)

  Air Clean (Wire , Cable, and Pipe Drip-Dryer)
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  Swirling Pilot Gas Heater

  Swirling Pilot Gas Heater
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