Air Blade
  Air Blade Air blades deliver flat sheet of amplified air and provide a compact and efficient means to dry, clean and cool a broad range of industrial applications.
Air blades operate by surrounding air entrainment along with the compressed air utilizing the "coanda effect" essentially converting energy which would normally be lost as noise and pressure drop into useful flow. When compressed air enters the air blade, it fills a plenum which has only one exit path- a linear 0.002 inch gap running the length of the curtain. As the air is forced out of the orifice, it accelerates and collides with surrounding air entraining a great volume of free, ambient air. The result is an air blade that delivers a large volume of output air in return for a small amount of compressed air.
Input/cfm: 12-145
Output/cfm: 300-3600
compressed air pressure: 6.9 Bar
Dimension/Inch: 3-36
Amplification Ratio: 25:1
* Instant on-off with no moving parts, no electricity or explosion hazard.
* Energy reduction in compressed air use up to 90% and noise reductions of 10 dbA.
* No guards or rotating machinery.
* Compact and easily mounted.
* Maintenance free with output easily controlled and safe to use.
* Material: Aluminum
Application: Cool, Dry and Clean
* Bottling: Blow off water.
* Food processing: Remove water.
* Shrink wrapping.
* Automotive: Remove water, dust and scrap.
* Paint preparation and drying.
* Printing and labeling.
* Film and plastic.
* Textile: cleaning and drying of cloth or other materials.
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