Electrical Enclosure Cooler (Vortex Cooler)
  Cabinet Cooler (Vortex Cooler) Cabinet coolers include a magic tube (vortex tube) to produce cold air from compressed air. With no moving parts, using only compressed air, supplying of chilled air. The magic tube is at the core of the cabinet cooler (the magic tube spins the supplied compressed air and separates it into hot and cold air stream). The cold air flows into the cabinet through the buck head fitting and it is then ducted to a known problem component or the center of the cabinet. The hot air created by the opposite end of the magic tube flows into the atmosphere via a silencer.
Air consumption: 10-40 scfm
capacity: 500-3000 Btu/H
compressed air temperature: 21 C
air pressure: 6.9 Bar
* Produce clean cold air at -35 C below supply air temperature.
* Use standard factory at 5-7 Bar.
* No coolant, no electricity or chemicals.
* Compacts and easier to install than air conditioners and most fan units.
* Exceptionally reliable, no moving parts to break or wear.
* Prevents dirt contamination by keeping enclosure at positive pressure.
* Stainless steel construction.
* NC/CNC cabinets
* Industrial PC's
* Closed-Circuit TV cameras
* Measuring instruments and recording devices
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