Magic Cooling Shirt (Vortex tube cooling vest)
  Magic Cooling Shirt Advantages and Characteristics:

I. Simplicity of operation and Rapid refrigeration.
It is like a normal shirt also can be dressed inside of uniform. The user will feel cool immediately after connecting the air Inlet of the Magic Cooling Shirt with high speed airflow from equipment. Refrigeration temperature is in 6-28 degrees Celsius.
II. Harmless to human body, the cooling shirt making human body in the most comfortable humidity environment. The humidity will be controlled between 40% and 50%.
III. Using the canvas material guarantee the safety in production.
Using canvas material, the texture is thick, wear-resisting, and not easy combustion. Even spark of flame falling onto the cooling Shirt, the surface remains in good condition.
IV. Light weight, easy to carry. The vest only weighs 900gs, it is 1/3 weight of Standard Shirt for Cooling Inserts. Worker can walk optionally in the working area.
V. Environmental Protection
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