Alborzsubcool Co., (First Manufacturer of Vortex Tube in Iran)

  Welcome to Alborz Subcool , the manufacturer and designer of cooling and heating devices based on compressed air technology.
For the first time in 2005, Alborz Subcool begun to design and produce the compressed air heating and cooling devices based on vortex tube technology in Iran.Series of products are listed below:
1- Vortex Tube
2- Cabinet Cooler (Electrical Enclosure Vortex Cooler)
3- Cold Air Gun
4- Adjustable Cold Air Gun
5- Air Operated Conveyor
6- Air Amplifier
7- Air Blade
8- Magic Air Pump
9- Magic Cooling Shirt
10- Air Clean
11- Pilot Gas Heater by vortex tube in Pressure Regulating Station

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