Alborzsubcool Co.,


Alborzsubcool was incorporated in 2005 as the manufacturer of
vortex tube technology and coanda effect based cooling, heating and
drying devices.Since then, we continue to expand the application of
above-mentioned technologies.These specialized devices are designed to
solve the old problems in industries.Primary industries that we
support include automotive, petrochemical, power plant, appliance, plastics, rubber, film, paper,electronic, glass, food and sheet metal.
The performance of all of our devices is guaranteed as well as all of
the components of them.All the products produced by Alborzsubcool are
designed to improve your operations productivity. Contact us today to
begin effectively using your compressed air and solving your problems
of cabinet over heating (using vortex cooler), dust, chip, smoke or fume removal,after-wash parts drying,NC/CNC machines tool cooling.
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